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Wiki for Executive Functioning Deficit help
by Gina Minks - Tuesday, 14 July 2009, 10:23 PM
Please help build out the Executive Functioning Disorder Wiki. The wiki was created to share ideas on technology you use to help with the issues that result because of EF problems.

And be sure to invite others to do the same!

Picture of Gina Minks
Open for viewing
by Gina Minks - Wednesday, 8 July 2009, 07:24 PM
Hi! You may be wondering what the heck this site is. This site is a moodle instance. Moodle is an LMS - or Learning Management System. Since I am a graduate student at Florida State, learning all about instructional systems, it only was a matter of time before I found a way to make better use of some of the courses I am building as class assignments.

If you are a developer, and have a course you'ld like to administer from a moodle instance, give me a shout.

One thing I'll be doing is using some of my materials to create a "produsage" assignment for the Web 2.0 class I am taking. I want to take some previous instructional materials - either the Executive Functioning module OR the twitter cheat sheets, and use them as the base of a learning excercise (or learning enablement excercise) here in moodle.

Which one should I focus on? Any suggestions?

Available Courses

  • This on-going topics based course will provide an environment to identify ways to make life easier for adults with Executive Functioning Deficits.
    Currently the topics covered include:
    • Recognize Executive Functioning Deficit Behavior in Adults (self-paced eLearning module)
    • Cloud resources to counter-balance the effects of Executive Functioning Deficits (community-created and maintained wiki)
    If you have a topic you would like to see covered, or one you would like to provide content for, please email gminks at gmail dot com.

This moodle instance was initially created for a class at Florida State University.

More information about the FSU IS Web 2.0 Class: