My name is Gina Minks, and this is my Portfolio that will satisfy the graduation requirement for a Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems (IS) in the Instructional Systems program at Florida State University.

In the Goals Statement section of the portfolio, I discuss my long term and short term professional goals as well as the skills I need to meet those goals. I also list the skills I had as I entered the IS program, and the skills I acquired by participating in the program. I’ll talk about whether I’ve met any of my goals, and any other skills I need to obtain.

The Annotated Artifacts section of the portfolio lists several artifacts that I have created during my time in the program, and details how they have helped me develop the skills I need to meet my career goals. The individual artifacts can be accessed by clicking on a Category on the right-hand column, and then clicking on the artifact name.

Finally, the Program of Study tab lists all of the courses I have taken, and the Resume tab has my most recent resume.