Program of Study

Semester Course ID Course Name
Fall ‘07 EDP 5216 Theories of Learning and Cognition in Instruction
Spring ‘08 EME 5601 Introduction to Instructional Systems
EME 5608 Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology
Summer ‘08 EME 6403 Designing for Online Collaborative Learning
Fall ‘08 EME 5603 Introduction to Instructional Design
Spring ‘09 EME6415 Development of Computer Courseware
EME6635 Inquiry and Measurement of Instructional Systems
Summer ‘09 EME 6635 Web 2.0 Learning and Performance
Fall ‘09 EDF 5461 Introduction to Program Evaluation
EME 6691 Performance Systems Analysis
Spring ‘10 EME 5942 Instructional Systems Field Internship
EME 6507 Multimedia Design and Development
EDF 8966 Master’s Comprehensive Examination