Goal Statements

Professional Goals

My short-term professional goal for the time I have been in the program has been to seek employment upon graduation in a role where I can blend social media into the processes of an educational department of a major technology company. In order to obtain this position I will need to have strong instructional design and development skills as well as experience with the educational technologies that are used to support online learning. I also needed to become proficient in social media technologies such as wikis, causal maps, blogs, Moodle, and FriendFeed.

My long term goal is to be a Learning Executive in a high tech organization, using a blend of modalities to deliver training and performance support to employees, partners, and customers. In addition to the practical education development skills, I will need to learn how to research and analyze trends in industry and apply them to performance problems that are uncovered in an organization. I will need to be able to communicate these ideas to upper level executives as well as to line managers and individual contributors.

Skills I Had When I Entered the IS Program

When I started the program, I was employed as a Senior Technical Education for EMC Corporation. My duties involved designing and delivering the curriculum for EMC’s network management and compliance product suite (now known as EMC Ionix Network Configuration Manager). Every education developer at EMC must complete a one-week boot camp on Instructional Design, so I had already been introduced to basic instructional design.

I also had experience using PowerPoint as an authoring tool, creating virtual labs, and capturing software demos using Camtasia.

Skills I Developed During my Time in the IS Program

One of the first research papers I wrote was about using social networking to enhance learning in a corporate environment. The paper, written in March 2008, defined social networking sites, their components, their use in a learning environment, and barriers to adopting this new technology. It demonstrated my ability to research, analyze, and communicate clearly about social media technologies.

In April of 2008, I created a blog called Adventures in Corporate Education so I would have a place to reflect on the intersection between my graduate studies and my work in corporate education. The blog was syndicated by Tony Karrer’s eLearning Learning, and I also became one of EMC’s official bloggers. This blog currently has about 450 subscribers, and has had 13,820 page views to date, proving I have been able to hone my social media communication skills using the blog. I used the blog to reflect on topics being discussed in class, and had experts in our industry commenting on my questions and opinions.

I honed my course development skills by performing learner analysis, creating instructional design specifications documents based on that analysis, and finally creating and administering the course that was designed. The analysis, design document, and course can be accessed by clicking here.  I have also had the opportunity to create eLearning modules using the Articulate product suite as an authoring and publishing tool, one examples is a module about Twitter for Business.

I was able to stretch my instructional design experience into the social media domain by creating instructional podcasts, a wiki that was created on a Moodle instance, a blog created as a reflective device, and a multimedia timeline. I also was able to create a clickable mind map that showcased research on the subject of CSCL. Combining the technical use of these tools with instructional design methods helped me develop skills I will need for my ultimate goal.


My experiences in the program so far have helped me get reach my short-term goal. At the beginning of the Spring semester 2010 I was promoted to Senior Program Manager of Social Media for the Technical Certification and Education organization within Education Services at EMC. I responsible for setting the strategy for using social media within our group, which means I manage the EMC Proven Professional Community as well as teach other organization stakeholders how to use social media to meet instructional goals.


To reach my long-term goal of becoming a learning executive in a high-tech organization, I will need to concentrate on learning how to analyze trends, apply the trends to performance gaps, and communicate the solutions to all levels of individuals in the organization. The academic courses I took have given me a groundwork to do this. For example, the greenwashing paper I created with other classmates was the end result of analyzing a theory, and creating a survey to pinpoint the exact answer. I will need to apply the experience afforded to me by this academic exercise to analyzing and communicating solutions to real world problems.